Shiplap in #ourforeverfloridahome… finally.

It’s only taken me just under three years to convice Mike to put shiplap in our #ourforeverfloridahome. And honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t try harder to convice him to do this sooner. This weekend, well… Sunday to be exact, we shiplapped our living room. If you’ve followed along with our journey in this 1962 home, you remember some things I’ve said before about how we (I) fell head over heels in love with […]

Our 2017 in recap.

womens march 2017

We do this to ourselves every year. With the welcoming of a new one, we recap and reminisce about the one we’re sending out. So, here is our 2017 in recap because it wouldn’t be the same without it. January In January, I marched with some of my favorites for ideals I hold dear to my heart. I offended some people with my words on the day, and I cried ugly tears over it. I’m […]

How to make Christmas pickles.

Christmas pickles

Who else loves a good family tradition? I know I sure do. The fact that each holiday has a little bit of family tradition sprinkled into them, as we add our own traditions, gives me those warm fuzzies. Something that brings back memories from my childhood Christmases? Christmas pickles. My grandmother had a tradition of making these tasty pickles every Christmas (and only on Christmas… we’d beg her to make them other times of the […]

Cute crafty Christmas wreaths for kids bedrooms this holiday.

kids christmas wreath tutorial

Last year I was a total slacker mom and didn’t decorate the kids’ bedrooms. Their rooms usually consist of a mini tree for each of them and a few select Christmas decorations from our stash. Christmas wreaths for kids bedrooms I decided to make up for it this year and have put much more effort into decorating their bedrooms for Christmas. We actually got new trees for the girls this year. They had the tiniest […]

A want, read, wear, need kind of Christmas wish list.

I’ve decided the kids are finally old enough for a new Christmas tradition. It’s one I saw many years ago and instantly fell in love with. I figured our kids were too little to understand at the time, but that one day I’d be able to implement it into our family. This year is the year. It’s the want, read, wear, need Christmas wish list. I think that’s pretty self explanatory, but if not, here’s […]